Breastfed Babies Welcome Here

Last Published: 03/15/2019

The Breastfed Babies Welcome Here! resource contains communication tools Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) operators can use to let mothers and families know that breastfed babies are welcome at their child care site. It includes a mother's guide, 11"x17" poster, and a message graphic.

Availability: Spanish and printed materials available soon. All are welcome to download these materials and make copies. If you have difficulty opening any of these files in your Internet browser, please right-click on the link and “save target as…” to download.

Breastfed Babies Welcome Here! A Mother's Guide Breastfed Babies Welcome Here: Poster Breastfed Babies Welcome Here! Message Graphic
A Mother's Guide [English] [Spanish] Poster [English] [Spanish] Message Graphic [English] [Spanish]