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  • SUN Meals | Free meals at neighborhood locations

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    Free meals and snacks are available to all kids 18 and under at schools, parks, and other eligible locations. No application needed! Find meal sites in your community.

  • SUN Meals To-Go | Meals for pick-up or delivery

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    Some rural communities now offer SUN Meals To-Go, which you can pick up or have delivered to your home. See where it’s available.

  • SUN Bucks | New grocery benefit

    SUN Bucks logo on a light blue background with an image of a mother and daughter shopping in the produce aisle in the upper right hand corner

    SUN Bucks is a new grocery benefit that offers families $120 per eligible child in the summer. Find out if SUN Bucks is available where you live and learn more.

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Spread the word about SUN programs in your community

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Help kids and teens get the nutrition they need to thrive in the summertime and beyond. Download shareable materials to promote SUN programs and spread summer smiles. Available in multiple languages!

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Information for Program Operators and Professionals

  • Timeline for Enhancing SUN Programs

    Key milestones for FNS, states, and tribes as we work together to implement new flexibilities in the SUN programs.

  • SUN Meals and To-Go Programs Resources

    Tribal nations, state agencies, site sponsors, and program operators can use these resources to help administer the programs.

  • SUN Bucks Program Resources

    Tribal nations, territories, and state agencies can use these resources to help administer the SUN Bucks programs.

  • Turnip the Beet Awards Program

    Recognizes outstanding SUN Meals program sponsors across the nation who work hard to offer high quality meals to children that are appetizing, appealing, and nutritious during the summer months.

Page updated: May 21, 2024