Summer Feeding Options for School Food Authorities

Last Published: 11/20/2018
Parts of this memorandum have been rescinded by SFSP 01-2019: Summer Food Service Program Memoranda Rescission, October 11, 2018. Rescinded policy has been struck through.

The purpose of this memorandum is to present the options available to school food authorities (SFA) for feeding children in the summer months through the Child Nutrition Programs administered by the Food and Nutrition Service. This memorandum also describes the simplified application and review procedures now available to SFAs participating in the National School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program that wish to apply for participation in the Summer Food Service Program. This memorandum supersedes SFSP 1-2004, Contract Requirements for School Sponsors, March 2, 2004, and SFSP 16-2011, Restricted Open Sites and Summer Schools, May 18, 2011. This memorandum does not change the requirements related to the application of participating SFSP sponsors interested in applying to participate in NSLP.

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SP07 SFSP04-2013