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Summaries of Funded TEFAP General Infrastructure Grants - 2011

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Arizona—Chandler Christian Community Center $87,141
Chandler Christian Community Center is looking forward to increasing its capacity to meet the growing demand for emergency and supplemental food. The grant award will permit the agency to replace worn, borrowed, and inadequate equipment with new and used items that will greatly expand the storage capacity and handling of perishable and other food items for food bank customers. Purchases include food crates, storage carts, a pallet jack, and identifiable materials. It will also add a refrigeration unit to an existing van and storage features to the warehouse.

Colorado—Food Bank for Larimer County $72,317
The Food Bank of Larimer County’s ability to serve more clients is being curtailed by a bottleneck in the unloading process. With its grant award, the organization is planning to purchase a forklift, charger and electric pallet jack, and replace a refrigerator and freezer. As a result of this project, the cooler/freezer capacity will expand more than three times.

Colorado—Jeffco Action Center, Inc. $103,163
The Jeffco Action Center is working towards updating its inventory, storage, packaging, and distribution systems. To facilitate these upgrades, the organization will purchase conveyors, shelving, a forklift, a scale, and barcoding software and equipment.

Florida—Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida, Inc. $99,500
The Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida will purchase a new mobile food pantry. With the use of the vehicle, the organization expects to distribute over one-million pounds of food a year. Furthermore, it will allow the food bank to deliver perishable and non-perishable foods to individuals at six distribution events weekly.

Florida—We Care Food Pantry $100,000
The We Care Food Pantry will purchase a new truck with heavy suspension capable of carrying 33,000 pounds, along with a 26 foot insulted box, refrigeration unit, and lift gate for the truck. With the help of its truck, the food pantry anticipates being able to recover an additional 1.5 million pounds of fresh, frozen, and canned foods annually. This will represent a 125 percent increase in the amount of food distributed.

Illinois—Eastern Illinois Foodbank $114,201
The Eastern Illinois Foodbank will replace the roof on its 33,000 square foot facility. The present facility is at risk for a roof collapse that would cause massive product and facility damage and interrupt food distribution operations for a long period of time.

Indiana—Hoosier Hills Food Bank, Inc. $ 112,199
This project will contribute to Hoosier Hills Food Bank’s 2010-2012 strategic goal of securing funds or equipment to replace its existing vehicle fleet. With its grant award, it will purchase a new truck with increased liftgate capacity, a walking pallet jack, and more pallet space. The vehicle will have 50 percent more pallet capacity and payload than its predecessor.

Maine—FCS Food Pantry, Food Security $214,500
FCS Food Pantry, Food Security will construct a connector to join its food pantry to a recently acquired new building. It will also build a loading dock and a handicap-accessible office for the food pantry manager and renovate the interior to accommodate food pallet storage. This project will allow the organization to expand capacity to more efficiently provide food security to increasing numbers of people without having needing to increase staff.

Mississippi—Mississippi Food Network, Inc. $94,162
The Mississippi Food Network will use its grant award to upgrade its truck delivery loading dock and the warehouse ventilation system. It will also purchase a Crown walk behind pallet jack with battery and charger for use with its rural truck delivery program. It also plans to upgrade to its software to improve communication and tracking distribution with its 320 member agencies. These projects will help enable the food bank to meet its goals of increasing the number of people served and pounds of food distributed by 25 percent.

Missouri—Ozarks Food Harvest, Inc $100,401
The Ozarks Food Harvest will purchase a backup generator for its 20,000 square foot freezer and cooler facility. This purchase will allow the food bank to provide uninterrupted service when extended power outages occur, often because of ice storms and tornados. In addition, the organization will also purchase new warehouse racking that will result in a 30 percent in capacity within the building.

Missouri—Red Star Food Pantry $73,881
Red Star Food Pantry seeks to improve its facilities to receive, store, and distribute USDA Foods and locally donated and purchased foods, and increase its ability to more closely track and meet the needs families receiving TEFAP services. The organization will purchase a pallet jack, freezers, refrigerators, an emergency generator, laptops, and a server. Red Star Food Pantry will also hire professional computer services to develop a database that can be used by all emergency feeding organizations within Cape Girardeau County.

New Mexico—The Storehouse, Inc $249,550
The Storehouse will use its grant award to build infrastructure and increase capacity for perishable food in its facility and at the Rio Grant Food Project’s food pantry. It will repair electrical wiring, expand the phone system and internet server, replace or upgrade warehouse equipment (forklift, pallet jacks, storage bins, and pallet racks), purchase two trucks, a commercial freezer, equipment for re-portioning and preparing perishable food, and install new computer systems. The grant will also enable The Storehouse to partially fund a part-time coordinator’s role in identifying new food donors.

New York—Church of St. Francis Xavier $70,129
Church of St. Francis Xavier will replace its current refrigerators and freezers used for perishable foods. This project will allow the organization to receive additional perishable food as it becomes available from food banks. In addition, the new refrigeration units will free up space to increase the storage of dry goods. With increased cold and dry capacity, the organization will be able to serve more guests through its community dining program and food pantries and provide a greater variety of foods, including fresh produce.

Oregon—Yamhill Community Action Partnership $115,000
Yamhill Community Action Partnership will purchase and install a new walk-in freezer and cooler. The new units will add over 1300 square feet of space for perishable food, a considerable increase over its current 168 square feet. The grant award will also be used for the concrete foundation, fire suppression equipment, and electrical costs for the freezer and cooler.

Pennsylvania—Chester Eastside Ministries $50,282
Since 2007, Chester Eastside Ministries has experienced a 60 percent increase in demand for services. To help meet the increased need, Chester Eastside Ministries will use its award to purchase a walk-in freezer and cooler, install floor to ceiling shelving, and upgrade electrical service, computers, and software. These improvements will allow the organization to accept more frozen products and distribute fresh fruits and vegetables for the first time. Summaries of Funded TEFAP General Infrastructure Grants

Pennsylvania—Fayette County Community Action Agency $250,000
The Fayette County Community Action Agency will replace a portion of the roof, several windows, a staircase, curb and sidewalk, and three metal doors. It will also install a heating system for the offices and warehouse, new water lines, and paint the exterior of the facility. The award will allow the agency to invest its own resources in purchasing food for its clients instead of repairing its facility.

Texas—Houston Food Bank $204,000
Houston Food Bank is working towards increasing its food distribution to 120 million pounds annually, more than double its current distribution, by 2018. To facilitate meeting this goal, the organization will use the grant award to purchase a ten-bay beverage tractor and trailer for use in its mobile food pantry program.

Virginia—Blue Ridge Area Food Bank $180,500
The grant funds will allow the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank to increase storage and distribution capacity and improve food-handling practices. It will be able to increase its distribution of perishable foods by 25 percent, or 960,000 pounds, in fiscal year 2011 compared to 2010. The organization will upgrade its electrical system and purchase a generator, freezer, cooler, and refrigerated cargo van.

Virginia—Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia $145,000
The Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia will purchase a truck for use in recovering foods from more businesses and increase the efficiency of doing so. Currently, it is partnering with 143 area businesses, and it anticipates adding another 25 within the next year. The organization will also resurface the warehouse floor.

Wisconsin—Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin $250,000
The Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin will add over 4,000 square feet to its current food distribution center. The project will provide additional space for storage and nutrition education classes, and improve the efficiency of unloading trucks and food handling and processing.

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