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Prince William County Food Show

USDA’s commitment to strengthening the nutrition of school meals comes from a common goal we all share: to help kids lead healthy lives. The strides made in school nutrition over the past decade show that healthier school meals are possible when everyone who plays a part works together.

During their annual food show, Prince William County Schools (PWCS) showed what’s possible when school nutrition professionals, parents, students, school meals partners, and the food industry work together.

The food show, held at Charles J. Colgan High School invites students, teachers, and members of the community to come and try new menu items that PWCS is considering for future breakfast and lunch menus and provide feedback.

Students enrolled in Colgan’s Introduction to Culinary class helped prepare dishes for the show. “I think a lot of people have like this narrative that the food is not good or that it’s unhealthy, I actually think it’s actually the opposite” said one of the culinary students.

The show is a great example of how schools can generate excitement and support for healthy school meals by engaging students and community members in the meal development process.

Page updated: April 11, 2024