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Unlocking New Opportunities for Grocers with SNAP Online Purchasing Support

FNS understands the unique challenges faced by smaller, independent grocery stores interested in offering SNAP online purchasing. That’s why we are excited to share the SNAP EBT Modernization Technical Assistance Center, also known as SEMTAC, a valuable resource to help retailers get set up for SNAP online purchasing.

Powered by a cooperative grant agreement with USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service, the National Grocers Association Foundation is launching this new website designed to provide comprehensive support to retailers navigating the complexities of SNAP online purchasing.

FNS believes that everyone, regardless of their situation or location, should have access to healthy food. In October 2023, nearly 3.9 million SNAP households shopped for groceries online, underlining the demand for this option and the importance of inclusivity in grocery shopping options. By embracing SNAP online purchasing, retailers can become a hub for accessible and secure grocery shopping.

Small stores are the backbone of communities nationwide, offering local employment opportunities and vital resources. But these stores often encounter technical hurdles and resource limitations when trying to meet SNAP requirements for online purchasing. Our goal, in collaboration with the National Grocers Association Foundation, is to empower businesses, ensuring a smooth application process and system setup to enhance online grocery shopping options for SNAP participants.

The launch of this resource-rich website will guide retailers through the necessary steps, providing advice, order of operations, and technical expertise. Retailers can also use the website to request tailored support. We invite retailers to explore the SEMTAC website and take advantage of the available support.

Together, we can create a seamless online grocery shopping experience for SNAP participants, fostering healthier, more inclusive communities.

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Page updated: November 27, 2023