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SNAP Rule Waivers

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Waiver Database

Welcome to the new SNAP Certification Policy Waiver Database. This waiver database was designed to help users find the information they need quickly in a friendly format. SNAP regulations provide that waivers may be approved under certain conditions, including when approval of a waiver would result in a more effective and efficient administration of the program.

To make the waiver database more user friendly, in addition to the comprehensive database listing all SNAP waivers, including denied, expired, rescinded and obsolete waivers, we have added a second database listing only those waivers that are currently in effect.

State EBT and Retailer Waivers

SNAP Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) waivers are approved by FNS to state agencies for EBT operations during the length of their state EBT contract. States have the option to request the waivers to allow for flexibility in their EBT system operations and meet contractual requirements. Retailer waivers are also approved by FNS to provide additional flexibility to retailers to serve SNAP customers.

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Page updated: May 07, 2024