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Using SNAP E&T to Expand Post Pandemic Employment Services

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SNAP E&T 50/50 funds are an underutilized resource for increasing workforce development capacity and strengthening community-based organizations. SNAP E&T, as an uncapped federal resource, should be a primary option for governments attempting to mitigate COVID-19 related funding losses. Participants will learn how San Diego County successfully scaled its E&T program, identified and engaged new partners, and increased SNAP E&T reimbursement. Participants will learn to develop a SNAP E&T vision; integrate SNAP E&T with existing workforce services; identify and evaluate potential partner agencies; create a reimbursement methodology that accurately calculates the reimbursement and maximizes return; and build strong and lasting partnerships.

  • Aaron Korn, Public Consulting Group
  • Andy Hall, San Diego Workforce Partnership
  • Assmaa Elyyat, Agency Operations Chief, San Diego County
Page updated: November 21, 2023