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Update to Feasibility Study of Implementing USDA’s SNAP in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico operates a block grant nutrition assistance program, The Programa de Asistencia Nutricional – or Nutrition Assistance Program (NAP), rather than USDA's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This study was directed by Congress to 1) update findings on administrative, operational, and program integrity changes needed for converting NAP to SNAP as presented in the 2010 USDA Report, Implementing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in Puerto Rico: A Feasibility Study and 2) develop a detailed implementation plan for establishing SNAP in Puerto Rico.

The study findings are presented in a report and an implementation plan. Key findings include:

  • Although NAP and SNAP have similar goals, the programs differ in their design and implementation mainly due to the funding structure, block grant (NAP) versus entitlement program (SNAP).
  • The implementation timeline is largely driven by the planning phase, particularly the development and implementation of SNAP data systems.
  • The estimated total cost during the implementation period is $341 to $426 million.
  • The estimated cost of administering SNAP in Puerto Rico is $249 million to $414 million per year, and the cost of benefits is $4.5 billion annually (both costs are in 2031 dollars).
Page updated: July 10, 2023