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Students - Physically or Mentally Unfit Exemption

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DATE: July 24, 1986
SUBJECT: Students
TO: All Regions


Question: Section 273.5(a) of the regulations provides that the student eligibility requirements apply to persons who are physically and mentally fit with certain exceptions. One of the exceptions is persons who are physically and mentally disabled. Does "physically or mentally disabled" mean the person must meet the disabled criteria as specified in Section 273.2, Definitions under "Elderly or disabled member" or does it mean a person "physically or mentally unfit for employment" as used in Section 273.7(b)(1)(ii)

Answer: It means the same as the work registration exemption, i.e. a person physically or mentally unfit for employment as used in Section 273.7(b)(1)(ii)

Rationale: The student provision exemptions are related to the work registration exemptions. 


Bonnie O'Neil
Program Development Division

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