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State SNAP Interview Toolkit

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This state SNAP interview toolkit focuses on SNAP interviews, requirements and best practices. The interview is the most important step in the certification process for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) as it serves a number of key functions:
  • It is an opportunity to ensure the SNAP application is complete.
  • To engage with applicants to fully understand their household circumstances.
  • To provide the assistance needed to understand their responsibilities in the certification process.
  • Offers the opportunity to engage with households about needs beyond SNAP and to offer other state services that may be of assistance such as cash assistance, child care or referrals to other supports that might address household concerns.

The purpose of this toolkit is to be a resource for state SNAP agencies as they seek to improve their interview processes. It is a resource for state SNAP agencies as they conduct interviews, train staff, and/or look for ways to improve their interview processes.

Page updated: March 17, 2023