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SNAP Education and Evaluation Study: Wave I

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Nutrition Education
Nutrition Education and Promotion

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has an optional nutrition education component (SNAP-Ed), the goal of which is to improve the likelihood that participants and persons eligible for SNAP will make healthy food choices. However, there is limited evidence on the impact of SNAP-Ed on dietary behaviors. This study reports on the evaluation of the first (Wave I) of two sets of demonstration projects selected to identify potential models of effective SNAP-Ed interventions and impact evaluations.

The project evaluated four interventions. Three interventions aimed to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in preschoolers or elementary age children:

  • New York State Department of Health’s Eat Well Play Hard in Child Care Settings (EWPHCCS);
  • University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Service’s All 4 Kids; and
  • Chickasaw Nation Nutrition Services’ Eagle Adventure.

The fourth, Pennsylvania State University’s Web-based About Eating program, focused on increasing eating competency of low-income women.

Details are described in respective case study reports, and integrated findings are presented in the final report.

Page updated: January 26, 2023