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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Section 822 - Cooperation with Child Support Agencies

Last Published: 04/10/2014

Section 822 - Cooperation with Child Support Agencies

Q. Does disqualification for failure to cooperate with a child support agency apply to NA, PA or all food stamp households?

The provision is optional. If the State chooses to apply it, it may apply it to either NA, PA, or all food stamp households.

Q. What will the penalty be for noncooperation with a child support agency? Will it be a condition of eligibility for the individual not cooperating or the entire household?

A. The individual will be ineligible. We believe that the individual's income and resources should be counted to assure that the household does not receive an increased allotment because of such failure to cooperate.

Q. Please define "cooperation" with child support agencies.

A. At this time we do not plan to define "cooperation". States may use the child support agency's definition or develop their own.

Q. Can a state choose to enforce the provisions of this Section for custodial parents and not enforce the provisions for non-custodial parents?

A. Yes, there are 2 separate provisions in the act and each one is a State agency option.

Q. If Title IV requires a disqualification for the entire household, can the same penalty be applied to the food stamp household?

A. Only the individual who fails to cooperate with a child support agency can be * disqualified under this section.

Q. Can States apply the provisions to natural parents but not others?

A. We will either address this in the regulations or allow State flexibility in this area. In the interim, States may use their discretion.

Q. Will the State agency be required to include in the Plan of operation all pertinent procedures?

A. FNS will need to know what options the State agency elects with a description of how it will meet the requirements in the Act.