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SNAP Retailer Reminder - Trafficking

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Do Not Traffick SNAP Benefits

SNAP Retailer Rules
Important Reminder

SNAP customers must use their SNAP EBT benefits to buy SNAP eligible foods or drinks.


It is against the law to give customers cash for SNAP EBT benefits. This is trafficking. It is illegal.

Indirect Trafficking

It is against the law to buy store inventory from customers who buy it for you with their SNAP benefits.
This is indirect trafficking. It is illegal.

  • Never buy items to sell at your store from someone who buys them for you with their SNAP EBT benefits.
  • Do not buy cases of energy drinks, soda or other items from people who offer to sell it to you for a cheap price. Only buy your store inventory from reputable suppliers.
  • Save your inventory invoices and receipts.

If you directly or indirectly traffick, your store will be permanently disqualified from SNAP. You may have to pay a big penalty. You could face criminal charges.

SNAP Retailer Responsibilities

As an authorized retailer in the SNAP:

If you have questions, please contact the Food and Nutrition Service, SNAP, at
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SNAP Retailer Notice - 06/30/2021

Page updated: March 22, 2024