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SNAP Retailer Reminder - Allowable Items

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Only Accept SNAP Benefits for Allowable Items

SNAP Retailer Rules
Important Reminder

SNAP customers must use their SNAP EBT benefits to buy SNAP eligible foods or drinks.

Do not accept SNAP benefits for any product with a Supplement Facts Label.
Not Allowed
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Any item that has a Supplement Facts Label.

Supplement Facts Label

Supplement Facts Labels are found on Vitamins and many Energy Drinks/Shots and Shakes/Protein Powders.

green checkmark

Food and drink items with a Nutrition Facts Label.

Nutrition Facts Label
Do not accept SNAP benefits for any Non-Food Items, Hot Foods or Alcoholic Beverages.

Even if a customer says it is an emergency, or they do not have other money to pay for it, do not accept SNAP benefits for items that are not allowed, including:

  • Hot Food
  • Beer/wine/other alcoholic drinks
  • Cigarettes/cigars/other tobacco products
  • Gasoline
  • Dog food/cat food/other pet foods
  • Vitamins/medicine
  • Baby bottles/diapers/wipes
  • Forks/spoons/knives/coffee filters
  • Toilet paper/paper towels/napkins
  • Tampons/feminine pads
  • Soap/detergent
  • Mobile phone cards

Integrated Cash Register Systems

If you scan items through an integrated cash register system, be sure to share this information with any company you use to manage your product codes. It is your responsibility to make sure the system is programmed correctly to accept SNAP benefits for allowable items only.

Train Your Employees

As the owner, you are responsible for training everyone who works for you. You can use these training materials to learn about SNAP rules.

What Happens if You or Your Employees Break the Rules?

If you sell items that are not allowed, your store may be disqualified from SNAP and you may have to pay a fine. Your store may also be disqualified from WIC if you break SNAP rules.

If you have questions, please contact the Food and Nutrition Service, SNAP, at

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SNAP Retailer Notice - October 2021

Page updated: March 25, 2024