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SNAP Retailer Reminder - Do Not Extend Credit to SNAP Customers

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Important Reminder

What is a credit account?

  • If you allow customers to buy food and drinks but pay with SNAP benefits later (e.g. weekly or
    monthly), you are extending credit (keeping a credit account). This is not allowed.
  • In general, customers that pay with SNAP benefits must pay at the time they receive their food.
  • You may not write down your customer’s EBT card number or hold or keep the EBT card on a
    customer’s behalf.
screenshot of a video clip that says to never accept snap benefits as payments on credit accounts

What happens if I allow credit accounts to be paid with SNAP benefits?

  • Your store may be disqualified from SNAP and fined.
  • When you violate SNAP rules your store may also be disqualified from WIC.

Train Your Employees

  • As a store owner, you are responsible for violations of SNAP rules, including those committed by your employees.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the training materials are reviewed by your store employees whether paid or unpaid, new, full-time, or part-time.
  • You can use these training materials to learn about SNAP rules.

You can prevent violations with a store compliance policy and training program.

View training information and important reminders on the SNAP Retailer Training page.

If you have questions, please contact FNS SNAP at

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SNAP Retailer Notice - 03/25/2024

Page updated: April 09, 2024