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SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot Retailer Onboarding Process

Onboarding Process

  1. Retailer submits LOI

    Retailer sends a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the SNAP Online Purchasing mailbox ( in which they explain how they fulfill the basic online purchasing and SNAP retailer eligibility requirements.

  2. FNS sends notification letter

    Upon receipt, if FNS has no additional questions, they will send a notification to the retailer indicating that their LOI is complete. This notification e-mail contains authorization materials that FNS requests the retailer complete.

  3. FNS reviews retailer authorization materials

    Retailer submits authorization materials to FNS for review.

  4. FNS emails retailer welcome package

    Once FNS successfully processes the authorization materials, the retailer will get a “Welcome Package” e-mail—which includes an inactive FNS Internet Retailer number, orientation materials and instructions on next steps.

  5. FNS requests business requirements document and demo

    If needed, the retailer or eCommerce platform provider will be asked to submit a Business Requirements Document (BRD) and perform a website demo for FNS review. Generally, new eCommerce platform providers and retailers using their own eCommerce platform will be asked to submit a BRD and do a demo.

  6. Retailer attends stakeholder kick-off call

    Once steps 1 through 5, as applicable, have been completed, FNS will move into the testing phase. As part of this phase, the retailer and relevant stakeholders will be asked to attend a kick-off call to discuss testing logistics.

  7. Retailer and FNS conduct separate end-to-end testing

    The retailer will test their eCommerce platform to ensure it conforms to FNS requirements, and upon successful completion of this testing, FNS will then perform the same testing.

  8. FNS confirms SNAP online purchasing launch details

    Once testing is successfully concluded, FNS will communicate to the retailer as it relates to their plans in launching SNAP Online Purchasing (e.g.: launch date and roll-out plan).

  9. Retailer launches SNAP online purchasing

    Congratulations! SNAP online purchasing is now operational.

Page updated: November 28, 2023