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Replacing Stolen SNAP Benefits: State Plan Approvals

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Congress passed a law in late 2022 to help SNAP participants who are victims of card skimming, cloning and other similar methods. The law allows for the replacement of benefits stolen through these methods in limited circumstances. More information can be found on the Stolen SNAP Benefits page.

To implement this new law, states are working quickly to develop and implement processes to help people whose SNAP benefits were stolen seek and obtain relief. As a first step, state agencies were required to submit their state plan to FNS explaining how they will process claims and reimburse stolen funds. FNS issued guidance for states in January 2023 and, by law, the state plans were due on Feb. 27, 2023.

All 50 states, D.C., Guam and the U.S. Virgins Islands have submitted state plans to FNS. FNS is now in the process of reviewing and approving plans, working closely with states to clarify information and ensure their plans meet all requirements prior to approval. Once their plan is approved, states officially have the authority to use federal funds to replace stolen SNAP benefits pursuant to their approved plan.

FNS will list plans on this page as they are approved. Any questions about specific state plans should be addressed to the SNAP state agency.

List of approved state plans
State Plan Submitted to FNS Plan Approved by FNS Estimated Plan Implementation
Maryland 02/10/23 02/24/23 03/06/23
Vermont 02/17/23 03/14/23 03/14/23
Updated: 03/14/2023