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Updates to FNS Handbook 310, SNAP Quality Control Review Handbook

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QC Policy Memo: 22-02
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DATE: February 3, 2022
POLICY MEMO: QC Policy Memo: 22-02
SUBJECT: Updates to Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) Handbook 310, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Quality Control (QC) Review Handbook
TO: All SNAP State Agencies
All Regions

This memo transmits the October 2021 FNS Handbook 310 through QC Policy Memo 22-02. The procedures in this handbook are effective beginning with the October 2021 sample month. Changed pages are identified with footers, e.g., “1-14-21 (Change 1)”.

The handbook reflects the following revisions:

  • New hyperlinks throughout the document.
  • Technical fixes, as identified in Attachment A – Page Change Control Chart.
  • Revised Section 321 to allow any 90 days that include the full sample month to be used to determine non-participation.
  • Updates Section 1433.1 with the name and contact information of the new arbitrator, Mary Kate Karagiorgos, and establishes email as the only method by which to submit arbitrations requests, more closely reflecting current standard practices.

State agencies with questions should contact their respective regional office representatives.

Maribelle Balbes
Acting Director
Program Accountability and Administration Division


Page updated: April 10, 2023