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Quality Control (QC) Policy Memo Update

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QC Policy Memo 06-02
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DATE: December 15, 2005
MEMO CODE: QC Policy Memo 06-02
SUBJECT: Quality Control (QC) Policy Memo Update

The following policy memoranda are superseded by revisions to the FNS 310 Handbook and are now obsolete. At the end of the memos being cancelled is a list of the current QC policy Memos.

QC 84-11 Disposition Standards, Completion Standards and Double-Billing 5-14-1984
QC 84-6 Changes to the Sample Size 4-9-1984
QC 87-1 QC Policy Memo Update 10-30-1986
QC 87-4 Changing State Agency Findings in Negative Reviews 6-30-1987
QC 89-1 Variances Related to Terminated Income in Beginning Months 2-7-1989
QC 89-2 Retention of QC records by State Agencies 2-28-1989
QC 89-3 Child Support Not Transferred to the IV-D Agency 9-22-1989
QC 90-3 QC Policy Memo Update 4-25-1990
QC 90-4 Restitution Payments to Persons of Japanese Ancestry 8-2-1990
QC 90-5 Combined Coupon Allotments 8-6-1990
QC 91-1 Indefinite Certification Periods 7-17-1991
QC 93-1 QC Policy Memo Update 10-7-1992
QC 93-2 Medical Expenses 11-12-1992
QC 94-1 Expedited Service and Combined Allotments 10-20-1993
QC 94-2 Medical Expenses 11-23-1993
QC 94-3 Failure to Cooperate with Quality Control Reviews – Verification Requirements 11-23-1993
QC 94-4 Cases Not Subject to Review in the Active Sample 5-18-1994
QC 94-05 Unimplemented Waivers and Quality Control Reviews 9-27-1994
QC 95-1 Sections 844.1, 844.2 and 844.3 of the FNS 310 Handbook QC 98-1 9-9-1994
QC 96-1 Correction of a Cross Reference in Section 1159.3 of the FCS Handbook 310 12-1-1995
QC 98-1 Sections 232 and 1080 of the FCS Handbook 310; Non-Compliance with Other Program Rules 12-1-1997
QC 98-2 Clarification of Quality Control (QC) Policy Memorandum 5-19-1998
QC 99-1 Arbitration and Informal Resolution 1-19-1999
QC 99-3 Waiver of the Mandatory Home Visit in the Quality Control Review 2-5-1999
QC 99-4 Transmission of Federal Findings to State Agencies 1-26-1999
QC 01-1 Reviewing a Household When a Member Has Chosen Not to Apply for the Food Stamp Program and Therefore Has Not Provided A Social Security Number 1-23-2001
QC 01-2 Typographical Errors, Out of Date References, and Addition to the Quality Control (QC) Review 1-9-2001
QC 01-3 Revisions and Additions to the Procedures of the Quality Control (QC) Review Handbook 5-14-2001
QC 02-1 Identifying Cases With Earnings and Noncitizens in the Quality Control Review Beginning Fiscal Year (FY) 2002 11-8-2001
QC 02-2 Expansion of the Application of QC Expedited Service Procedures 3-6-2002
QC 03-1 Revisions and Additions to the Procedures of the Quality Control (QC) Review Handbook for Fiscal Year (FY) 2004 9-30-2003

The following QC policy memoranda are considered current

QC 00-1 Use of Checklists when Requesting Records for the Quality Control (QC) Review 9-12-2000
QC 05-01 Integrity of the Quality Control Review Process 8-1-2005
QC 06-01 Retention of Quality Control Records 11-18-2005

Karen J. Walker
Program Accountability Division

Page updated: December 21, 2021

The contents of this guidance document do not have the force and effect of law and are not meant to bind the public in any way. This document is intended only to provide clarity to the public regarding existing requirements under the law or agency policies.