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Letter of Acknowledgement from State or Local Food Stamp Office

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Note to Applicants: To aid you in completing your proposal, FNS provides an attached electronic copy of this template in Word. Use of this template is not required. You will not lose points for not using this template. To use the electronic template, right click on the document, select “Save Target As”, browse to the directory you want to use, and save the document to your computer. Then simply input the information for your letter as you would with any Word document.

(On letterhead of State or local Food Stamp Office)

<Name of Project Director>
<Name of Applicant Organization>
<Address of Applicant Organization>
<City>, <State>  <Zip>>

Dear <Name of Project Director>,

Thank you for the information about your outreach grant proposal to be submitted to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service. There are <estimate how many> people in our community/county who may be eligible for these important benefits but are not participating in the Food Stamp Program.  <Add information regarding unserved seniors or Hispanic persons in your community, if available.>

<Provide a few basic sentences describing the State or local office role, if appropriate>

We recognize that participation in the Food Stamp Program supplements the food budget for eligible low income people enabling them to eat healthier and also provides an economic stimulus to our community via the redemption of food stamp benefits in our local stores. We hope your outreach effort can serve to educate and inform potentially eligible low-income community members about food stamp benefits, help them make an informed decision about participation, and encourage them to apply for benefits if they choose to do so. When potential clients are well informed, it helps our staff conduct the certification process more efficiently.

We wish you success with your proposal. Please do not hesitate to contact me or <designated staff person> at <phone number or email address> should you need further assistance.


<Signature of Authorized Representative>
<Name and Title of Authorized Representative>

Page updated: October 13, 2021