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SNAP – Other Application Processing Waivers in Response to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Abbreviated SNAP application

FNS will not allow the state to remove information notifying the household of required information or questions that affect eligibility criteria from the application.

  • Denied: AR
Adjust Verification Requirements

FNS will not allow states to temporarily adjust the requirement to verify gross nonexempt income, the identity of the applicant and/or authorized representative prior to certification.

Process All Cases as Expedited

FNS will not allow the states to process all cases as expedited cases and only require verification of identity in order to issue benefits. Efforts would be made to verify additional eligibility requirements but would not delay the issuance of benefits.

Recertification Requirements Adjustments

FNS will not allow the states to extend household participation in SNAP beyond the expiration of the certification period without a determination of eligibility for a new period and requires states to notify households of their eligibility or ineligibly by the end of the household’s current certification period.

  • Denied: DC
Suspend In-Person Application and Verification Submissions

FNS will allow the state to suspend in-person collection of applications and verification documents from households.

  • Approved: MS, OH (Extensions Approved for June, July, August and September) OR, PA | MS (Extension Approved for October) | OH (Extension Approved for November) | OH (Extension Approved for December) | OH (Extension Approved for January 2021) | MS (Extension Approved for February) | MS, OH (Extension Approved for March) | MS, OH (Extension Approved for April) | NC, OH (Extension Approved for May)
Suspend Use of IEVS

FNS will allow the state to suspends the use of the Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS) for ongoing households statewide.

  • Approved: CA, IN (extended through June 30)
Waive Timeliness Requirement

FNS will not allow states to extend the timeframe to process SNAP applications beyond 30 days or beyond 7 days for households entitled to expedited service.

Page updated: December 20, 2023