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SNAP Model Notice Toolkit

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The Model Notice Toolkit is a set of tools designed to help SNAP state agencies improve the notices they send to clients. The toolkit is designed to help state agencies evaluate their SNAP notices and make targeted improvements that fit the needs of their clients, work within system constraints, and comply with federal policy. The toolkit includes model notices with examples of plain language and formatting that state agencies can adapt to fit their own needs.

The toolkit also provides customizable tools to help promote continuous improvement practices. These tools focus on ten types of SNAP notices; however, many of the tools will also be helpful in making changes to other types of notices.

For each of the ten types of notices, the following components are provided:

  1. Notice Review Tools (NRT): These are checklists for evaluating SNAP notices. They include federal requirements, as well as comprehension, readability, usability and presentation principles, and electronic notice (e-notice) considerations.
  2. Model Notices: These sample notices illustrate policy compliance and communication best practices.
  3. Annotated Model Notices: These are versions of the model notices with comments to highlight, at a glance, how the sample notice meets SNAP policy requirements and considerations for state customization.​​​​​

To see these components for each of the ten notices, please click the white arrow to the left of each notice name to expand the section:

Notice of Adverse Action (NOAA)
Notice of Consolidated Work Requirements
Notice of Denial
Notice of Eligibility
Notice of Expedited Approval with Postponed Verification
Notice of Expiration (NOE)
Interview Scheduling Notice
Notice of Missed Interview (NOMI)
Notice of Requested Verification
Notice of Required Verification
Notice of Subject to Work Requirement - see NOTE in dropdown
Project Support Materials

These materials include a notice improvement team charter, a list of notice performance and comprehension and usability indicators, tips on collecting feedback from SNAP clients, a Plan-Do-Study Act (PDSA) form, and a communication plan worksheet.

Page updated: May 16, 2024