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PART 285—SNAP Provision of a Nutrition Assistance Grant for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

Resource type
  • Part 271 contains general information, definitions, and other material applicable to all parts of this subchapter.
  • Part 272 sets forth policies and procedures governing State agencies which participate in the program.
  • Part 273 describes the eligibility criteria to be applied by State agencies and related processing requirements and standards.
  • Part 274 provides requirements for the issuance of coupons to eligible households and establishes related issuance responsibilities.
  • Part 275 sets forth guidelines for monitoring SNAP, analyzing the results and formulating corrective action.
  • Part 276 establishes State agency liability and certain Federal sanctions.
  • Part 277 outlines procedures for payment of administrative costs of State agencies.
  • Part 278 delineates the terms and conditions for the participation of retail food stores, wholesale food concerns, meal services, and insured financial institutions.
  • Part 282 provides guidelines for initiation, selection, and operation of demonstration, research, and evaluation projects.
  • Part 283 provides policies for snap quality control claims.
  • Part 284 provides for a nutrition assistance program for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI).


§285.1   General purpose and scope.
§285.2   Funding.
§285.3   Plan of operation.
§285.4   Audits.
§285.5   Failure to comply.

Updated: 09/06/2017