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SNAP Legislative History - 50s

Information concerning public laws is also located at the Library of Congress.

  • One food stamp bill introduced.
  • Focus in Congress was on supplemental "food certificates" for social security recipients, but the administration was strongly opposed thinking a commodity program more economical and efficient.
  • Recession in progress. Democratic platform called for a FSP. PL 84-540 directed the Secretary of Agriculture to report to Congress an analysis of a food stamp program as a means of surplus food disposal.
  • Seventeen food stamp bills introduced. The Department submitted a report to Congress outlining a program similar to the 1964 Act.
  • Sixteen food stamp bills introduced. The Department continued to oppose these efforts believing the FSP to be too expensive and would not assist with surplus reduction.
PL 86-341

(Sept. 21, 1959)

  • Authorized a discretionary two-year FSP to promote purchase of surplus commodities. Eisenhower administration chose not to implement this program.
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