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Plenary Session: Inspiring Hope and Overcoming Hurdles with SNAP Employment and Training

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SNAP E&T programs provide more than just a way for SNAP recipients to meet work requirements and find a job. Quality E&T providers instill hope in their participants by providing holistic/wrap around services that lead to pathways out of poverty towards a future of economic opportunity and self-sufficiency. SNAP E&T participants come from a variety of backgrounds, have experienced hardships, and face numerous obstacles that can make it difficult from them to actively participate, remain engaged, and complete their employment and training programs. Assessing for and addressing barriers such as a lack of basic literacy and numeracy skills, limited resources for transportation, and lack of dependent care is critical to ensuring that people are successful. Hear from SNAP E&T programs about the strategies that they employ to meet the needs of their participants by helping them overcome these barriers to success.

  • JoAnn Mattson, Light House
  • Elaine Carroll, JARC-Baltimore
  • Daiquiri Anderson, Maryland Department of Human Services
Page updated: November 22, 2023