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FY 2018 SNAP Process and Technology Improvement Grants

The FY 2018 application submission period is now closed. The FY 2018 grantees can be found here.


This grant competition supports efforts by state agencies and their community-based and faith-based partners to develop and implement projects that focus on improving the quality and efficiency of SNAP operations and processes.

Critical Dates for FY 2018 Process and Technology Improvement Grants (PTIG)
April 23, 2018 Request For Application posted on
May 8 & 17, 2018
June 25, 2018 Applications due to
By Sept. 30, 2018 PTIGs awarded


Who May Apply
  • The 53 state agencies that administer the SNAP;
  • State or local governments;
  • Agencies providing health or welfare services;
  • Public health or educational entities; and
  • Private nonprofit entities such as community-based or faith-based organizations, food banks, or other emergency feeding organizations.
Funding and Duration

Contingent on the availability of funds, FNS plans to award up to $5 million in SNAP Process and Technology Improvement Grants once each fiscal year. FNS awards these grants through a competitive process. Grantees are allowed to use the grant funds for the duration of the three-year project period. FNS anticipates awarding between 6 and 11 Process and Technology Improvement Grants.

FNS reminds applicants that the submission of a proposal does not guarantee funding. Funding for approved grants will be provided through the Grant Award/Letter of Credit process, in the same manner as other funds, upon receipt of a properly executed Grant Agreement and subject to the availability of funding. All SNAP Process and Technology Improvement Grant funds must be obligated and all activities under the Grant must be completed by end of the project period, Sept. 30, 2018, through Sept. 30, 2021.

If the activities funded under this grant are part of a larger eligibility system project with total projected costs exceeding $5 million, an Advance Planning Document (APD) must be submitted and approved prior to the expenditure of these grant funds.

If the proposed project funded with this grant benefits other programs in addition to SNAP, then the costs must be allocated appropriately between all of the benefiting programs. This grant funding can only be used for SNAP’s share of the costs.

Application for Federal Assistance Forms

Past PTIG Recipients
Page updated: April 19, 2022