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FY 2023 SNAP Fraud Framework Implementation Grant Awards

On Aug. 31, 2023, FNS awarded approximately $3 million in SNAP Fraud Framework Implementation Grants to support state agency efforts to improve and expand recipient fraud prevention, detection, and investigation efforts using the procedures, ideas and practices outlined in the SNAP Fraud Framework.

FY 23 Award Summaries
  • Mississippi Department of Human Services ($421,471)
    Educate SNAP recipients on SNAP fraud through various channels. Establish semi-annual training for county offices to equip them with the information needed to proactively prevent and recognize fraud during the application stages. Develop e-training modules to educate and inform staff on how to handle client complaints regarding EBT skimming.
  • Texas Department of Health and Human Services Commission ($723,564)
    Develop a fraud educational program for clerical staff, who have historically not formally participated in fraud prevention response. Establish a comprehensive fraud prevention training program for designated staff providing continuing and dynamic professional development, effective monitoring of progress and performance, and regular reevaluation of training needs. Develop an easily accessible resource repository of fraud prevention information and shared publications for distribution.
  • Colorado Department of Human Services ($537,504)
    Develop a database that contains all transaction information from EBT cards to provide state EBT staff and all 64 counties with data for analytic driven decision making. Reports, dashboards, and alerts will be made available accordingly for the state EBT investigation team and county workers. These reporting features will be used by staff to identify, prioritize, and investigate potential client fraud. The features will also allow staff to track outcomes of investigations to confirm prioritization.
  • Michigan Department of Health and Human Services ($749,987)
    Utilize media campaigns that will educate recipients regarding the security of their EBT cards. Staff will attend a nationally recognized training course on investigative interviewing techniques, including current skills, insight, and knowledge from professionals in the field of investigative interviews. Provide training on how to document interviews to ensure the quality and validity of information used in the investigation, disqualification, and potential prosecution of fraudulent SNAP recipients. Integrate Fraud Navigator with EBT distribution system to provide fraud analytics, reports, and management control of EBT card security services. This will increase the applicants' ability to protect recipients from card skimming and cloning both proactively and as it is discovered.
  • Wisconsin Department of Health Services ($662,689)
    Implement new EBT card features for recipients. This includes mass Personal Identification Number (PIN) updates, opt-in protections for Out-of-State (OOS) SNAP transactions, and cardholder text alerts and education. These tools will aid to reduce the impacts of stolen SNAP benefits through electronic means, including card skimming, card cloning, and similar fraudulent methods.
Page updated: May 31, 2024