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Proposed Rule: Disqualified Recipient Reporting and Computer Matching Requirements That Affect the Food Stamp Program

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Proposed Rule
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In this rule, FNS proposes to codify prisoner verification and death matching procedures mandated by legislation and previously implemented through agency directive.

The proposed rule will require that state food stamp agencies use disqualified recipient data to screen all program applicants prior to certification to assure that they are not currently disqualified from the program and thus ineligible to participate. The proposed rule also addresses requirements that state food stamp agencies participate in a computer matching program using a system of records that adhere to provisions of the Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act of 1988, as amended.

Finally, publication of this proposed rule responds to findings of General Accounting Office and USDA Office of Inspector General audits that found, among other things, that the disqualified reporting subsystem process could be improved to enhance state agency ability to identify currently disqualified food stamp recipients.

Page updated: April 05, 2022