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Proposed Rule: FSP Certification Provisions of the Mickey Leland Childhood Hunger Relief Act

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Proposed Rule
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This action proposes to amend Food Stamp Program regulations to implement several provisions of the Mickey Leland Childhood Hunger Relief Act.

The provisions in this proposal would:

  • Simplify the household definition;
  • Establish eligibility for children who live with their food stamp eligible parents in a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center;
  • Exclude from resources the value of vehicles used to transport fuel or water;
  • Increase the fair market value exclusion of vehicles for determining a household's resource limit;
  • Exclude certain general assistance vendor payments;
  • Exclude the earnings of students under age 22 who live with their parents;
  • Increase the maximum amount of the dependent care deduction;
  • Eliminate the current federally imposed limit and require State agencies to establish a statewide limit on the dependent care reimbursement paid to participants in the Food Stamp Employment and Training Program;
  • And require proration of benefits only after a break of more than one month in certification.
Page updated: November 02, 2021