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Request for Information: SNAP Quality Control Integrity and Modernization

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In order to accurately estimate improper payments in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) has undertaken significant steps to strengthen its measurement process, the SNAP Quality Control system. Improvements include new training, policy clarifications, procedural improvements, and clarification of existing documentation requirements necessary to substantiate case findings.

FNS has also implemented new policies to improve accountability and eliminate the potential for bias in the reporting system. FNS is considering proposals for a regulatory reform of its SNAP's Quality Control system in order to align the regulations with new policy and procedural requirements.

FNS's intent is to achieve three objectives from reforming the Quality Control system:

  1. Strengthen the integrity and accountability of the Quality Control system,
  2. increase transparency in the process, and
  3. use technology to improve improper payment estimates.

Thus, FNS is issuing this Request for Information in order to obtain state government and other stakeholder perspectives as the Agency considers how to best to proceed with reforming the SNAP Quality Control system.

Page updated: January 13, 2022