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Comment Request - SNAP-Ed Toolkit Intervention Submission Form and Scoring Tool

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The purpose of the SNAP-Ed Toolkit Intervention Submission Form and Scoring Tool are to provide a uniform and transparent method for submission, review, and scoring of nutrition education, physical activity promotion, and obesity prevention interventions into the SNAP-Ed Strategies and Interventions: An Obesity Prevention Toolkit for States (Toolkit). The Toolkit was developed to assist state agencies in locating evidence-based interventions for their implementation of SNAP-Ed programming.

The Food and Nutrition Act of 2008, as amended (The Act) requires that states use evidence-based interventions. These forms allow FNS to increase the selection of interventions available in the Toolkit, increase innovation in service delivery using interventions which reflect up-to-date research, and respond to intervention developer requests to be included in the Toolkit. FNS plans to update form FNS-885 by rephrasing, modifying, or combining certain criteria where doing so will improve user experience, as well as by including updated scoring criteria that reflect the current body of interventions in the SNAP-Ed Toolkit.

FNS plans to update form FNS-886 by combining, removing, and resequencing questions based on user feedback to improve user experience and reduce burden. FNS also plans to encourage high quality submissions by inserting more explicit prompts to include supplementary documentation, adding more check-box lists for submitters to use to identify the strategies they employed, increasing character limits on short-answer questions, and inserting a question on evaluation tools used by the submitter. In sum, the changes in this proposed revision are intended to streamline the forms and improve the end user experience.

Page updated: April 27, 2021