Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Fighting SNAP Fraud

Last Published: 03/02/2016

Learn the Facts and Help Fight SNAP Fraud

USDA's Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) works aggressively with State and Federal partners to crack down on fraud and hold bad actors accountable for misusing tax payer dollars. Correcting mistakes and getting rid of waste, fraud and abuse are top priorities and basic common sense.

Americans support helping struggling families put food on the table, but they also want to know taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. FNS’ proactive strategies protect the Federal investment in SNAP and ensure that the program is targeted towards individuals and families who need it the most.

While the vast majority of SNAP retailers and recipients play by the rules, any fraud weakens public confidence in government and the program. This hurts the ability of SNAP to serve over 47 million people who rely on the program to obtain healthy food. As part of the Administration’s new Campaign to Cut Waste, FNS is aggressively working to Fight SNAP Fraud and prevent any abuse of the program.


  • Report Suspicious Activity

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What is SNAP Fraud? The Facts

Learn how SNAP and its partners aggressively fight different types of SNAP fraud. Separate fact from fiction.

What is FNS Doing to Fight SNAP Fraud?

Learn what FNS and its partners are doing to protect the integrity of SNAP.

How Can I Report SNAP Fraud?

Help us protect your taxpayer dollars. If you see or hear something suspicious, report it.

How Can I Fight SNAP Fraud?

Learn how to follow the rules and protect yourself from scammers.


Learn more about FNS efforts to crack down on individuals who violate SNAP program rules and the Administration’s Campaign to Cut Waste.