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Farmers' Markets Accepting SNAP Benefits

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SNAP vegetables
America’s Farmers’ Markets are great sources of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods. FNS is committed to expanding access to these foods by SNAP recipients while supporting economic opportunities for farmers and producers.

These resource materials provide the names and locations of Farmers’ Markets that were authorized to accept SNAP benefits during particular months.
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May 2022 List
April 2022 List
March 2022 List
February 2022 List
January 2022 List
December 2021 List
November 2021 List
October 2021 List
September 2021 List
August 2021 List
July 2021 List
June 2021 List
May 2021 List
April 2021 List
March 2021 List
February 2021 List
January 2021 List
December 2020 List
November 2020 List
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