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Expanding Opportunities and Reducing Barriers to Work: Interim Summary Report (Evaluation of SNAP Employment & Training Pilots)

The Agricultural Act of 2014 authorized $200 million for the development, implementation, and evaluation of pilot projects to test innovative strategies to reduce dependency on and increase employment among Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants. California, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Mississippi, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington received grants in March 2015 and began implementing their pilots between January and April 2016. All grantees concluded pilot services by April 2019.

The interim summary report presents short-term outcome findings for the 12 month period after pilot enrollment for individuals who enrolled by December 2017. This report summarizes findings from the 10 pilot-specific interim reports. Key findings include:

  • The 10 pilots implemented diverse service models and served various target groups.
  • Grantees faced steep implementation challenges such as hiring staff and developing partnerships.
  • Both pilot engagement and exit rates were high during the 12 month follow-up period.
  • The pilots had few impacts on employment and did not decrease SNAP participation during the fourth quarter.

The issue briefs present cross-pilot findings on early implementation lessons and challenges, use of support services and case management. Key findings include:

  • Develop strong partnerships and be flexible when implementing new employment and training (E&T) programs or models.
  • Understand the participants' goals and barriers to improve engagement in E&T activities.
  • Provide ample and varied support services to help mitigate individuals' barriers.
  • Dedicate enough staff resources and time to provide individualized intensive case management.


State Interim Reports

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