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Evaluation of the Implementation of Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentives (FINI): Final Report

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This study presents the overall findings of the FINI evaluation. It found that FINI grantees offered incentives at 3,052 retailers for at least one quarter during the study period.  Most grantees implemented incentives as either rebates or discounts. Over half of the grantees provided an incentive for F&V purchase with the purchase of any SNAP-eligible product. 

The majority of FINI grantees, but only about a third of FINI retailers, had previous experience with a SNAP-based incentive programs.

FINI retailers were present in 42 States and the District of Columbia. The majority of FINI retailers, 57 percent, were farmers markets. Eighty-five percent of FINI retailers operated in urban areas. At about two-thirds of FINI retailers, SNAP participants earned incentives for purchasing F&V with the purchase of any SNAP-eligible food item.  Eighty-five percent of retailers provided an incentive at a $1:$1 match.

Overall, 71 percent of FINI incentives issued were redeemed. Redemption rates were higher at retailers that specialized in selling F&V.

Page updated: November 03, 2021