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SNAP E&T National Partnership Grants

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Technical Assistance & Guidance

In September, 2020, USDA provided more than $6.7 million in SNAP E&T National Partnership Grants to help four national non-profit organizations expand program capacity to serve SNAP participants. These grants are intended to support new organizational capacity to provide to network members or affiliates training and other technical assistance so that network members or affiliates may become third-party SNAP E&T providers. Allowable activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizing and convening conferences or meetings with network members or affiliates;
  • Developing peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities or platforms;
  • Developing materials such as toolkits, checklists, and curriculum;
  • Sharing best practices through webinars or site visits; and
  • Providing professional development opportunities for member or affiliate staff.

American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) will partner with the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) and National Community Action Partnership (NCAP) to use a phased approach to deliver intensive technical assistance to two cohorts of community colleges and Community Action Agencies to increase knowledge of the SNAP E&T program. It will develop tools and resources on the operational and service delivery aspects of the SNAP E&T and create a Resource Clearinghouse. It will also deliver intensive technical assistance throughout these networks as trusted brokers to both state agencies and community providers at large. By providing the right combination of tools and support, ranging from awareness-raising and marketing to more complex guidance on program administration and effective service delivery models, these sustained national educational partnerships will increase capacity and sustainability of third-party partners in SNAP E&T and expand the number of skill-based, employer-driven SNAP E&T providers that move SNAP participants toward economic self-sufficiency. APHSA expect to create between 80-120 new SNAP E&T providers.

Goodwill Industries International (GII) will contract with Goodwill of North Georgia to provide intensive technical assistance to three cohorts of ten local Goodwill organizations. Cohort members will pursue new SNAP E&T third-party partnerships or expand existing third-party partnerships, including becoming state intermediaries. GII will also train ten mission leaders from within the GII network as SNAP E&T subject matter experts (SMEs) so they can support local Goodwills as they pursue state partnerships. GII will expand general training for the entire GII network, and will use SNAP E&T SMEs in the second and third years of the grant as they become capable of supporting members not selected for cohorts. Webinars, annual conference sessions, dissemination of training materials and individual consultations will be some of the methods used. GII expects twenty-five local Goodwills will become new SNAP E&T providers or expand or strengthen their existing services.

National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) will partner with Third Sector Capital Partners and Seattle Jobs Initiative (SJI) to work with its network of more than 500 workforce boards, developing materials based on existing levels of expertise (“tiers”) and will provide intensive technical assistance across two cohorts of fifty-five workforce boards (“phases”). For each cohort receiving targeted technical assistance, SNAP E&T coaches will provide one-on-one coaching and support to individual members and active tiers. NAWB will create a Project Advisory Board comprised of US Department of Agriculture, US Department of Labor, and other government, employer, and provider stakeholders to help develop and guide the technical assistance, and make available materials developed through the grant to all NAWB members. NAWB expects that 70 workforce boards will become new SNAP E&T providers or intermediaries.

Roberts Enterprise Development Fund (REDF) is partnering with Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) and Seattle Jobs Initiative (SJI) to provide technical assistance to the 400 employment social enterprises (ESEs) within its network. REDF will spearhead cross-organizational capacity building to develop new organizational capacities to provide high quality and customized SNAP E&T training and technical assistance to ESE network members and affiliates. It will offer a webinar series on SNAP E&T fundamentals and build a Resource Platform that will be a repository of E&T best practices that can be accessed by network members. It will also provide specialized training, technical assistance and peer mentorship for up to 40 participating ESEs.

Additional 2021 Awardees

Using our authority under the FY20 RFP, FNS has awarded two additional SNAP E&T National Partnership grants in rank order:&

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) received $1,436,733.00 to build expertise and capacity across its network of 100-plus affiliate community-based workforce organizations to become SNAP E&T third-party providers. To achieve this, LISC will first build internal capacity through subject matter experts and a technical assistance consultant, Seattle Jobs Initiative, for expertise on the SNAP E&T program and in building training tools. The project will expand on a cohort basis, allowing for an increasing number of prospective third-party providers to participate as well as expanding the complexity of the SNAP E&T technical assistance offerings over the course of the grant period. Technical assistance will cover programmatic, financial management, and compliance topics that are critical to both becoming and maintaining success as a SNAP E&T third-party provider.

Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies (NJHSA) received $1,176,494.00 to work with its member network of approximately 119 organizations in 37 states to deliver a two phase, cohort model training and technical assistance. The goal of training and technical assistance will be to reach up to five network member organizations per year (15 network members total) with information needed to become E&T third party partners. The two-phase model will begin with class modules taught to groups in an online format in phase one. Phase Two will be composed of customized technical assistance and coaching for participating organizations. Training in Phase One will cover topics such as "SNAP 101," benefits and challenges associated with being an E&T provider, case management, and administrative and financial management. Technical Assistance in Phase Two will provide participating network organizations with support in implementing SNAP E&T programming or working with state SNAP agencies to become third party partners. JVS Boston is the only NJHSA member that is a current E&T provider. They will be assisting NJHSA with staffing and provide technical knowledge of administering an E&T program.

Page updated: November 16, 2023