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Questions & Answers On Categorical Eligibility & Vehicles

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DATE:July 30, 2001
SUBJECT:FSP - Questions and Answers Regarding Categorical Eligibility and Vehicle Policies
TO:All Regional Directors
Food Stamp Program

On Nov. 21, 2000, we published a final rule entitled "Noncitizen Eligibility and Certification Provisions of PL 104-193, as Amended by PL 104-208, PL 105-33, and PL 105-185". The rule contained several provisions addressing issues related to categorical eligibility. Although the categorical eligibility provisions of the rule primarily codified procedures regarding categorical eligibility related to the receipt of non-cash or in-kind benefits which had been disseminated via policy memoranda prior to the rule, it did change some of those procedures. We have recently received several inquiries regarding the impact of these provisions. The issues, some of which were raised informally prior to publication of the rule, are discussed in the attached question and answers. Also attached, in question and answer format, are questions that we have received regarding the handling of vehicles as resources.

To reflect changes in the categorical eligibility criteria mandated by the Nov. 21, 2000 rule, we are updating our list of state Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Maintenance of Effort (MOE) funded programs that confer categorical eligibility. We are requesting that you survey the states in your region regarding the state TANF/MOE funded programs that will confer categorical eligibility. We are also requesting that you survey the states in your region regarding their vehicle valuation policies. Attached, for your reference, is a table containing the information that we are requesting on state categorical eligibility programs and vehicle valuation policies. Please provide us with the information on the states in your region no later than Sept. 1, 2001.

Arthur T. Foley
Program Development Division

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