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SNAP EBT eCommerce Platform Providers List

The following list presents information for authorized internet retailers regarding eCommerce platform providers that offer SNAP online purchasing through their platform. Please note that all SNAP-authorized retailers are required to pay for any costs incurred or fees related to doing business with eCommerce platform providers.

The list of eCommerce platform providers below is not all-inclusive and may be updated as retailers go live with SNAP online purchasing via their platform.1 FNS does not endorse any one provider over the other—as such, retailers are free to partner with one or more companies of their choice. If so, it is advised that retailers reach out to these providers right away to ensure smooth participation in SNAP online purchasing.

FNS cannot be held responsible for any unauthorized charges, errors, disputes, misleading information or other problems that result from selection of one of these eCommerce platform providers. SNAP-authorized retailers need to conduct their own research and due diligence when choosing an eCommerce platform provider and should carefully review all performance metrics, business practices, reputational risks, ethics guidelines, and management processes.

eCommerce Platform ProvidersWebsitePoint of Contacts (POC)
Always On Grocery / RSA America Belcore
DoorDash SNAP Mailbox
eGrowcery General Mailbox
Flashfood Burkett
Grocerist Smith
GrownBy Parker
Instacart Gajewski
Local Express Baghdasaryan
Mercato SNAP Mailbox
Mercatus General Mailbox
NCR Freshop Jaggeshar
Pay Now Direct Churchill
Ken Carbone
Point Pickup Technologies Candin
Rosie, an Instacart Company SNAP Mailbox
Stor.ai Wright
Vroom Delivery Delivery SNAP/EBT Mailbox

This list represents eCommerce platform providers that have retailers who are live with SNAP online purchasing. If you are an eCommerce platform provider seeking to support SNAP online purchasing—and have identified retailer partner(s) that indicated their intent to use your platform—please reach out to FNS at

Page updated: February 09, 2024