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SNAP EBT Modernization


EBT fraud, including the use of card skimming to steal benefits, is on the rise. Modernizing EBT, including the introduction of chip cards for SNAP EBT, is an important step to ensure that SNAP benefits are protected. Chip cards are a more secure payment option meant to protect SNAP retailers and SNAP participants from the devastating impact of stolen SNAP benefits as cards with chips are harder to copy and steal SNAP account information.

SNAP EBT Chip Cards

As states begin to add chips to their EBT cards, we are asking retailers to ensure their Point-of-Sale (POS) devices are able to fallback to magnetic stripe. Retailers who are ready to upgrade their POS devices to accept SNAP EBT chip cards, will have to work with their POS service provider to ensure the SNAP EBT chip card is recognized by their POS. For additional details, please see the retailer notices and technical resources below.

Retailer Notices

Technical Resources

Additional EBT Modernization Resources

Page updated: April 26, 2024