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Attracting SNAP Customers to Your Farmers' Market

Farmers' Markets can provide incentives to SNAP recipients to make local foods more affordable and support farmers. FNS has compiled some tips for market managers to help attract SNAP customers to your market.

Markets that operate or plan to operate an incentive project must inform FNS in order to ensure compliance with SNAP equal treatment regulations by calling our toll-free retailer hotline at 1-877-823-4369.

Bonus Incentives/Double-Up Food Bucks
  • Provide matching dollars in the form of tokens or paper coupons to SNAP customers for purchases of fruits and vegetables.
  • Increase SNAP customers’ purchasing power so that they can afford to buy more fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods at the market.
  • These projects are usually funded by private foundations, non-profit organizations, or local government entities.

For more information, watch out webinar on SNAP Incentives at Farmer's Markets.

Market Signage

  • Place signs within the market to direct SNAP card holders to the information booth
  • Provide each SNAP-eligible vendor with a poster that shows they accept SNAP.
    • SNAP-authorized markets may order posters by calling 1-877-823-4369. Please have your FNS number on hand prior to calling.
  • Make SNAP buttons and/or stickers for farmers, vendors, and market volunteers to wear.
  • Ask local town or county officials to post signs along the road leading to the market.
Flyers and Posters

Display posters and pass out flyers wherever people gather, such as:

  • Public aid offices, WIC clinics, Cooperative Extension Offices
  • Food banks, food pantries, soup kitchens
  • Places of worship
  • Schools, child care centers, libraries
  • Public housing, senior citizen housing
  • Public transportation stations, trains, and buses

For more advertising ideas, watch our webinar on SNAP at Farmers Markets: Advertising and Marketing.

Building Partnerships
  • Ask community groups to distribute information about your market.
  • Participate in various community events to distribute information about your market.
  • Have market information included on local/regional websites.

For more partnership ideas, watch our webinar on Building Partnerships for SNAP at Farmers Markets.

Other Promotional Ideas
  • Schedule cooking demonstrations featuring in-season produce from the market.
  • Distribute recipes and nutritional information to market attendees.
  • Create a market website or newsletter.
Page updated: November 16, 2023