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Assessing Implementation of the 2002 Farm Bill's Legal Immigrant Food Stamp Restorations

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The rules that govern eligibility for food stamps among legal immigrants have changed several times in recent years. Most recently, the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 restored food stamp eligibility to legal immigrants who: were disabled, regardless of date of entry, effective October 2002; had been in the United States at least five years, effective April 2003; or were children age, regardless of date of entry, effective October 2003.

This study – conducted by The Urban Institute for the Food and Nutrition Service -- examines the implementation of these provisions to improve our understanding of the variation in state and local approaches, the challenges encountered in restoring eligibility, the degree to which the eligibility restorations brought new immigrant households into the program; and the potential impacts of sponsor deeming and liability policies.

Page updated: July 21, 2022