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Program Administration

FNS issues guidance to support state agencies in operating SNAP. This includes guidance related to:

Newly-released Regulations

Grant Opportunities

Demonstration Projects

Management Evaluations


Customer Service

  • Issues with Certification Materials Submission and Instructions: This memo discusses SNAP applications and other documents being sent by clients to the USDA Office of Civil Rights instead of the appropriate state SNAP office. The memo outlines best practices states can use to make submission instructions clearer for clients.
  • State SNAP Interview Toolkit: This toolkit focuses on SNAP interviews, requirements and best practices.
  • SNAP Model Notice Toolkit: A set of tools designed to help SNAP state agencies improve the notices they send to clients.
  • Recertification Toolkit: This toolkit is intended to clarify the steps in the recertification process, identify areas of state flexibility, and help state agencies ensure all households in their SNAP caseload are treated consistently at the time of recertification.
  • Program Access Toolkit: This toolkit covers a range of practices that can be implemented at the local level as well as policies and procedures at the state level.
  • Best Practices for Online SNAP Applications: This guide to improving online applications was developed based on a state-by-state analysis of online SNAP applications conducted in spring 2014.
  • Online Applications Clarifications Memo: This memo reiterates and clarifies the existing online applications policy for state agencies.
  • Medical Expenses Handbook: The Guide to the Treatment of Medical Expenses for Elderly or Disabled Household Members examines how eligibility workers verify who qualifies as elderly or disabled for purposes of SNAP, determine allowable medical expenses, calculate the actual deduction, and act on reported changes.
  • Call Center/Contact Center Support for States: Guidance for state agencies in planning the implementation of a call center or contact center. It identifies the key factors state officials need to consider before implementation or modification.

Data Matches and Sharing

Funding and Cost Allocation

Longitudinal Data Project

  • Longitudinal Data Project (LDP)
    The Longitudinal Data Project (LDP) will establish databases to help support SNAP longitudinal research looking at participation data over time and across state lines. States can find detailed information on this site about the LDP and grant opportunities to support participation.

State Systems and Automation

Other Topics

  • Fees for Collecting Child Support
    Guidance regarding the collection of fees for child support enforcement when there is an issue in interpreting specific provisions of the Food Stamp Act and the Social Security Act. This guidance only concerns individual food stamp recipients who have never received Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC).
Page updated: February 20, 2024