ABAWD 15 Percent Exemptions

Last Published: 03/22/2019

Federal law provides that each state agency be allotted exemptions equal to 15 percent of the state's caseload that is ineligible for program benefits because of the ABAWD time limit. These exemptions allow the state agency to extend SNAP eligibility for ABAWDs subject to the time limit. Each 15 percent exemption extends eligibility to one ABAWD for one month. States do not earn 15 percent exemptions in areas that are covered by ABAWD time limit waivers. Food and Nutrition Service considers a state's ABAWD time limit waiver status as of approximately July 1 of each year when allotting annual 15 percent exemptions. State agencies have flexibility to apply 15 percent exemptions as they deem appropriate.

General Information About ABAWD Policy