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FINI Grant Program

Last Published: 11/29/2018

The Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) grant program was established by the 2014 Farm Bill to incentivize the purchase of fruits and vegetables by SNAP clients. The FINI grant program is collaboratively administered by the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) and National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).

Past years’ Awardees

FINI for SNAP Recipients

Hundreds of farmers markets, supermarkets, convenience stores, and retail food stores of all kinds participate in FINI grant projects all across the country. Shopping at these participating firms will give you the opportunity to stretch your benefit dollars and improve your diet. Find a retail food store offering incentives for fruits and vegetables near you

FINI for SNAP Retailers

Interested in having your retail food store participate in a FINI grant project? Want to learn more about the FINI grant program? Learn the what, why, and how of FINI for SNAP retailers.

FINI for Grantees

FINI grantees should review this November 2018 notice.   This notice encourages State and local SNAP agencies and FINI grantees to work together directly in order to promote FINI grant projects active in their areas.  Distributing fliers or playing videos in the lobbies of local SNAP offices, as well as direct mailing campaigns, can be very cost-effective ways of informing SNAP recipients about FINI grant projects in their area. However, FINI grantees can only engage in such promotional activities with the support of State and local SNAP agencies.  There are no Federal regulations or SNAP policies that prohibit these kinds of FINI grant project promotional activities.

FINI grantees should review this July 2018 notice.  This updated notice waives the requirement that grantees report participating retail partner outlets (e.g., convenience stores, supermarkets, direct-marketing farmers, and farmers markets).  Instead, FINI grantees must only notify FNS when they seek to add new outlets to their grant projects.  Outlets must be approved by FNS before they can participate in grant projects.

FINI grantees should also review this August 2017 memorandum that reiterates long-standing prohibitions on certain forms of data sharing between SNAP State Agencies and FINI grantees.

FINI grantees should review this November 2016 memorandum. This memo reverses the standing prohibition on the use of television, radio, and billboard promotion activities in the FINI grant program and explains existing restrictions on allowable promotion activities conducted using Federal and/or match funds.

Got a question? Check the FINI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Looking for more information? Take a look at these FINI webinars:

Questions regarding SNAP policy as it pertains to the FINI grant program may be directed to

General questions about SNAP and EBT should be directed to USDA FNS’s Ask the Expert system at: (→ “Nutrition” → “Supplemental Nutrition Asst Prgm”). This system can provide prompt answers for general SNAP inquiries.

Inquiries regarding the evaluation of the FINI grant program should be directed to Westat, the independent evaluation contractor. Other FINI-related inquiries should be directed to NIFA.