Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

2008 Farm Bill

Last Published: 11/17/2013

On June 18, 2008, Congress enacted Public Law 110-246, The Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 (FECA). The law contains various provisions that affect food stamp eligibility, benefits, and program administration.  All provisions related to the Food Stamp Program are effective Oct. 1, 2008.  


2008 FCEA Provisions and Effective Dates

Provisions that States must implement on Oct. 1, 2008:  

 Section 4001:    

Renaming the Food Stamp Act and Program
  Section 4101: Excluding Certain Military Combat Payments from Income
  Section 4102: Raising the Standard Deduction
  Section 4103: Eliminating the Dependent Care Deduction Cap
  Section 4104(a): Indexing Asset Limit
  Section 4104(b): Excluding Education and Retirement Accounts from Resources
  Section 4107: Increasing the Minimum Benefit
  Section 4113: Clarification of Split Issuance
  Section 4114: Accrual of Benefits
  Section 4115(a): Issuance and Use of Program Benefits
  Section 4122: Funding of Employment and Training Programs
  Optional Provisions that States may implement on Oct. 1, 2008:  
  Section 4105: State Option to Expand Simplified Reporting
  Section 4106: Transitional Benefits Option
  Section 4108: State Option for Employment, Training and Job Retention
  Section 4119: State Option for telephonic Signature
 Provisions that are not to be implemented until Federal Rulemaking occurs:  
  Section 4112: Technical Clarification Regarding Eligibility
  Section 4116: Review of Major Changes in Program Design
  Section 4121: Preservation of Access and Payment Accuracy
  Section 4131: Eligibility Disqualification
  Section 4132: Civil Penalties and Disqualification of Retail Food Stores and Wholesale Food Concerns
  Section 4133: Major Systems Failures
  Section 4141: Pilot Projects to Evaluation Health and Nutrition Promotion
  Section 4142: Study on Comparable Access tp Supplemental Nutrition Assistance for Puerto Rico
  Provisions that require no new State action:  
  Section 4111: Nutrition Education
  Section 4117: Civil Rights Compliance
  Section 4118: Codification of Access Rules
  Section 4120: Privacy Protections

SNAP Memos

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