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SNAP to Skills

SNAP to Skills (S2S) is a technical assistance project funded by USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service that is designed to provide states the tools and resources they need to build more effective and job-driven SNAP E&T programs. SNAP to Skills is managed by the SNAP Office of Employment and Training and operated by the Seattle Jobs Initiative.

The work of S2S includes the following:

  • Developing a suite of tools and resources for all states to utilize to facilitate the development of their SNAP E&T programs.
  • Publishing a series of policy briefs on innovations, policies and best practices in SNAP E&T.
  • Developing and offering learning opportunities for states and other SNAP E&T stakeholders; and
  • Providing direct and intensive technical assistance to 10 selected states to develop, improve and expand their SNAP E&T programs (in particular their 50-50 SNAP E&T programs).
News and Updates

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Policy Briefs
Page updated: December 29, 2022