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SNAP E&T 2022 National Forum: Working as a SNAP E&T Intermediary

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Now in its third year as the SNAP 50/50 Intermediary for the greater Chicagoland area, National Able Network first piloted this function in early 2020 at the onset of the pandemic. Learn about the various phases of growth and operations from program conception through adaptation and sustainability, which Able experienced during these unprecedented times, as well as the role philanthropic and private investments have played to ensure the Intermediary’s ongoing sustainability. This session also focuses on best practices and strategies around subrecipient provider identification, assessment, onboarding, support, financial and sector-based programmatic growth strategies, as well as intentional linkages to the larger workforce development and training ecosystem including WIOA and SCSEP programs. Hear directly from Intermediary staff on how this now expanded function has become a critical part of a successful service delivery strategy for SNAP recipients across a metropolitan area.


  • Matt Weis, President, National Able Network 
  • Donna Claxton, SNAP Director, National Able Network

Page updated: April 24, 2023