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SNAP Employment and Training

E&T Policy and Guidance

SNAP E&T is a federally funded, state administered program that assists program participants in gaining the skills, training or work experience needed to move towards—and into—employment. SNAP E&T also helps reduce barriers to work by providing individuals with support services – such as transportation and childcare – as they prepare for and obtain employment and job retention services to help them maintain employment.

FNS supports state flexibility in designing SNAP E&T programs that fit the needs of the local economy and SNAP participants. Efficient, effective, job-driven SNAP E&T programs can help SNAP participants prepare individuals for in- demand jobs, help employers find qualified workers and strengthen state and local economies.

This page is specifically devoted to resources that states may use in developing and implementing E&T programs for SNAP participants. SNAP regulations for the general work requirements, including SNAP E&T, are covered in 7 CFR 273.7.


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