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SNAP E&T 2022 National Forum: Equitable SNAP E&T - Clearing the Path to Economic Mobility for All

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This was a live-streamed session at the 2022 SNAP E&T National Forum. This panel presentation, facilitated by the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA), highlights APHSA and its members commitment to advancing equity in human services, including through SNAP E&T. State leaders from Alabama and Washington share how they have initiated innovative work in advancing equity and inclusion within SNAP E&T by addressing disparities in supportive services, developing multidisciplinary tools and staff/provider training, analyzing data to embed DEI in workforce strategies, and promoting DEI in provider procurement and service provision. APHSA also shares resources and tools developed to support agency leaders and staff in advancing DEI/REI strategies.


  • Brandy Whisman, JD, PMP®, Senior Project Associate, American Public Human Services Association
  • Aman Joshi, Administrator, Basic Food Employment and Training Community Services Division/ Economic Services Administration, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
  • Rachel M. Fields, Financial Support Supervisor Food Assistance Division/A-RESET, Alabama Resources for Enrichment, Self-Sufficiency, and Employability Training
Page updated: January 23, 2023